Udruženje Dzentlmen konkurisalo za projekat u okviru ERAZMUS+ programa EU

Our country and wider region had passed through a turbulent period of political and economic crises, which have had numerous negative impacts to whole society in terms of increased violence, nationalism, hatred, social exclusion, lack of appropriate education, etc. All these impacts were and, sadly, are still present, especially at the sport stadiums and within the young population. Our association members are grown-up, employed, some with families and children of their own, and feel the necessity to do something practical, to initiate a change to this circumstances, while at the same time continuing to pursue our mission. We are aware that many countries are facing similar kind of troubles and we are eager to join our efforts with similar organisations as our own, in a form of small collaboration partnership.

Our idea is to create an educational and informative program with the help of sport professionals and organisations, which will be delivered through a serie sessions organised for a most sensitive population of adolescent youth, 14-16 years old in primary and secondary schools. The program should consist of the many themes

Finally, the full project report will be produced and include both our local research results and benchmark data, with conclusions and recommendations for the future steps.

The content and conclusions of our project report will be shared with our local and international public, with hope that it will provide the value-added to the continuous efforts in improvement of the sports fan society and cultural exchange.

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